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 TECSUN d.o.o

Welcome to the TecSun website!

We present to you our company that deals with the implementation of solar energy systems. We are focused on the design, development and construction of photovoltaic power plants that are characterized by high energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.

TecSun d.o.o Banja Luka

TecSun Company believes that solar energy has a key role in creating a sustainable future. Our dedicated team of experts use their knowledge and experience to create innovative solutions that harness the sun's endless sources of energy. Through our expertise and technological innovation, we provide reliable and efficient photovoltaic systems that help our customers reduce their environmental footprint and achieve energy independence.

Our company excels in installing solar panels both on the ground and on the roofs of buildings. Also, we are committed to building solar power plants that use advanced technologies. Our team of experts carefully plans and implements each project, adapting it to the specific needs of clients. In this way, we provide optimized systems that efficiently use solar energy for the production of clean electricity.

TecSun is here to help customers realize the potential of solar systems. Our expertise covers all phases, from initial analysis and design, to system installation and maintenance. We believe that everyone deserves access to renewable energy sources, which is why we are committed to making the transition to solar energy easier, reducing energy costs and contributing to the preservation of the environment.





Vertex 665W

Power Output Range  - 645-665W

Maximum Efficiency - 21.4%

Positive Power Tolerance - 0~+5W


Vertex S 435W

Power Output Range  - 415-435W

Maximum Efficiency - 21.8%

Positive Power Tolerance - 0~+5W


BiHiKu7 670W

Power Output Range  - 640-670W

Maximum Efficiency - 21.6%

Positive Power Tolerance - 0~+10W


Ivana Gorana Kovačića 44, Banja Luka 78000, Bosnia and Herzegovina

+387 62036026

Thank you!

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